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‘Twas a month before Christmas, and in the small town of Collierville, TN, the streets were adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations.

Midnight Star and Café Eclipse, two neighboring businesses known for their enchanting atmosphere, were bustling with holiday cheer. However, a certain green and grumpy visitor was about to make an unexpected appearance.

The Grinch, tired of the noise and merriment in Whoville, had decided to take a break from his usual antics and explore a new town. Drawn by the names that hinted at a celestial theme, he found himself in Collierville, TN. Midnight Star, a unique business that includes a spa, a salon, photography, a wellness center, and a gift shop and Café Eclipse, a cozy dessert and coffee shop, seemed like the perfect place to escape the holiday madness.

As the Grinch entered Midnight Star, the soft chime of the bell announced his presence. The owners, Briana and Shae, looked up from their tasks and greeted him with a warm smile.

“Welcome to Midnight Star. I sense you’re in need of a little magic today,” Shae said, her eyes twinkling with understanding.

The Grinch grunted but didn’t protest as she showed him the little gift shop filled with hand-crafted gifts. He paused to make sure that all the lights were working on the Christmas tree.

He looked around and stopped for a couple of items, a hand-crafted bar of soap and as he described it “the perfect ‘Just hanging with the heifers’ t-shirt.”

He then looked in the mirror and decided he needed a trim. So, Briana guided him through the hallway and into the salon. This space was adorned with golden scissors and combs in off-white frames on the wall and a golden chandelier, giving it the ambiance of elegance.

The stylist, Laura, was sitting in her salon chair, so the Grinch walked over to look at her hair. He grabbed a nearby comb and started combing . To Laura’s dismay, the Grinch then grabbed the scissors and she asked Briana for help.

To everyone’s happy surprise the Grinch complied, sat in the chair and asked for his very first fur trim. To everyone’s amazement, he stayed perfectly still. He must have liked the result, because he then asked Laura to trim the fur on his legs.

Meanwhile, at Café Eclipse next door, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked pastries along with the gentle hum of conversations filled the air. The owner, a spirited chef named Kiff, noticed the Grinch’s entrance into Midnight Star and decided to brew him a special cup of holiday cheer.

Kiff crafted a concoction of peppermint mocha with a hint of cinnamon, topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of star-shaped sugar. He carried the steaming mug over to Midnight Star, where the Grinch was getting his final fur trim touches.

“Hey there, green friend! Thought you might enjoy a little taste of holiday magic,” Kiff said, offering him the festive drink.

The Grinch eyed him suspiciously, but took a cautious sip. To his surprise, the rich flavors and warmth of the beverage began to melt away his icy demeanor. Maybe, just maybe, this town had something special to offer.

As the Grinch explored Midnight Star and sipped his magical concoction, he discovered the joy of a different kind of Christmas – one filled with enchantment, friendship, and the warmth of celestial hospitality. The Grinch sat on the front porch to finish his magical coffee and collected his thoughts.

When he finally left Collierville, the Grinch felt a newfound appreciation for the holiday spirit. While headed in the direction of Mt. Crumpit, he declared, “I will return on the 2nd of December from 2:30-4:30pm for mini photo sessions. Book now at And you can’t cancel that again!”

The residents of Collierville exchanged knowing glances, that perhaps, they had just witnessed a Christmas miracle, brought about by the magic of Midnight Star and Café Eclipse.

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