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This is a short thank you blog, because, while we did thank people in the beginning of our Part 3 blog, we feel that we didn’t truly say “Thank you!” to the main people that have and are still helping us. We are going to list everyone that this blog is directed to in alphabetical order just to be fair. Let’s get started.

To Cassandra, Dephon and Victor,

Even though each of you live out of town (30 minutes to 1 hour away from Collierville) and work out of town all week (Memphis, Nashville, and the surrounding areas of Nashville), you have been giving up some of your time off to help us with our dream. We thank you for giving our dream your time, energy, strength, and manual labor. We couldn’t be as far along as we are without all that each of you have contributed.

To Jacob and Kristoff,

You guys are amazing!!!!!! Both of you have day jobs as well and you still give up most of your free time to our dream. From plumbing to window repair, to painting and so on, you two haven’t stopped working with us. You two are helping us to stay on track and help to keep us going when we feel overwhelmed. You two are our go-to-guys for sure. There are not enough words for us to express how grateful we are to you both! We know we can be a pain a lot of the times, but thank you for sticking with us and this old house!

To all five of you,

Please know that you are appreciated more than we can ever tell you! You all are some amazing people and we are luck to have such great friends and family in our lives! You have shown us that you want us to succeed and our business to thrive! We love you all more than we can ever say!

With much love and appreciation,

Briana and Shae

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