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Welcome back to our journey. We need to make a correction. We have been writing that we are using Valspar 2000 paint, but we realized that we are using Valspar 4000 paint. Hey, we make mistakes and aren’t afraid to own up to them. We are human after all. Did anyone else from Gen X start hearing Level 42 singing “Something About You” in their head?

The work on the J.W. Houston house, a.k.a. “The Manor’, has had its ups and downs. We believe that we have identified all the electrical and plumbing issues, and fingers crossed that we don’t run into anymore big problems. We had hoped to have our opening last month, but things just didn’t play out as planned. The light at the end of the tunnel is still glowing bright and we are moving forward, ALWAYS forward! With that being said, let’s do a short recap, since it’s been a long time since we posted.

In “Part 7”, we wrote about the clean-up on the outside and the Stairway, the clean-up and painting of the Landing Room, Photography/Wellness Room, and Bathroom. We also wrote about our visit from T-Rex and Hei Hei. We aren’t completely finished with the upstairs yet, so there is more to come about that in the future. We moved to the downstairs because it needed to be worked on in order to move items to their proper rooms. Let’s start with the room that is becoming the “Aesthetics Room.”

This room has one tall window with shutters on the inside and it started off with pale blue walls with white trim, shutters, and ceiling. There was a white and gold ceiling fan and four recess lights for lighting and a subfloor with a ton of carpet staples left in it.

Since the moving process was unexpected and rushed, equipment, boxes and etc. were place wherever there was space. This is never the ideal way to move, but it is what it is! As you can see, the room became packed.

(On a side note, you may be asking yourself, why is there a box of crackers in this room? Well, you see, there aren't any crackers in this box. We used whatever box we could find to pack. LOL!)

We went through boxes, separated things, and moved what didn’t belong in the Aesthetics Room out. Then we moved everything that was left to the center of the room in order for us to paint. You are probably thinking that this room still looks like a whirl wind of chaos, and you would be correct, but it is going to be beautiful when it is finished. As we keep telling each other…trust the process!

The paint we used for this room is a follows: for the ceiling and the recessed light covers we used Valspar 4000 Satin Finish Paint in Hematite, we painted the Allen & Roth White Composite Ceiling Medallion using Valspar 4000 Semi-Gloss Finish Paint in Tricorn Black, for the crown molding, door, shutters, and trim we used Valspar 4000 Semi-Gloss Finish in White, for the door knob we used Rust-Oleum Universal Satin Black Spray Paint and Primer in One, and for the walls we used Valspar 4000 Eggshell Finish Paint in Clay Angel. After the paint dried, we moved everything to one side of the room so we could start laying the floor.

The flooring that we have chosen is Duralux Performance Waterproof Luxury Vinyl in Auburn Acacia. It is the closest color that we could find to the original flooring in the front rooms of “The Manor”. When we got enough of the flooring down on one side of the room, we moved everything to that side of the room.

We have completed most of the flooring in this room. The reason why is that we are still waiting for the plumber to come look at everything and the access is through a couple of spots in the floor at the back of the house. So, until then we are on hold with the flooring.

We replace the white & gold ceiling fan with a black globe metal chandelier. We hung some greenery on the chandelier to give it a little more character. We are using GE 1W Flicker Flame LED light bulbs for this chandelier and we have replaced the old floodlights in the recessed lighting with Great Value 9W LED Daylight Floodlights. We also hung a picture of a woman with a floral bouquet on her head. We can’t remember the name of this wall art, the artist, or from where we bought it.

There is still a little more to be completed in this room before it is completed. We are adding a sink to this room and so we have to wait for the plumber. We have to finish the floor. Once again, we wait for the plumber because he has to be able to get to the plumbing and the access is through the floor. Once the flooring can be completed and we can put everything where it goes and decorate. This means that there will be another post about this room.

We thank you for taking the time to follow our journey. If you would like to help you can contact us in the ways listed below. Thank you, Collierville, our friends, our family, and our employees for your time, support, and your love! All of our information is below if you would like to follow, volunteer, or donate to the preservation of the J.W. Houston House (“the Manor”).

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