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Welcome! Today we are going to write about the room that’s becoming “The Bazaar”. This is our retail spot in “The Manor”. We’re planning to fill this space with products different local merchants. This room’s already gone through many changes, but we’re getting there. In “The Bazaar” there are two tall windows with hand-blown glass panes and one has a shutter on the inside. There are four recessed lights and there was a white ceiling fan with gold accents. The ceiling, crown molding, and trim are white. There were two doors with bright gold door knobs and a dark colored wooden fireplace mantle with a mirror. The floor is brown and the walls were pale-yellow.

We removed the main door of this room, since we won’t need it for this area. We painted the ceiling using a flat white ceiling paint. The floodlights in the recessed lighting with Great Value 9W LED Daylight Floodlights. The ceiling fan has been replaced with a gorgeous chandelier that was all black with the exception of the “candles”, which are a cream color. Jacob, our handyman extraordinaire, decided to add all the old gold touches to it and he did a wonderful job. The lightbulbs we used are Great Value 5.5W LED Daylight Decorative Lightbulbs.

The walls were then painted using Valspar 4000 Eggshell Finish Paint in Clay Angel. The crown molding, door, shutters, and trim were repainted using Valspar 4000 Semi-Gloss Finish in White. The door knob was taken off and painted with Rust-Oleum Universal Satin Black Spray Paint and Primer in One. We left the mantle its original color and just used Howard Feed-N-Wax Beeswax & Orange Oil Wood Polish & Conditioner on it. There were four fireplaces in “The Manor” that have been covered up with drywall and we decided to leave them covered. We don’t know the condition of the bricks and this isn’t a rabbit whole that we can go down. The floors will remain in their original state with the exceptional of sweeping, mopping, steam cleaning and Howard Feed-N-Wax Beeswax. The concrete spot in front of the fireplace is being covered with FloorPops Altair Peel and Stick Floor Tiles. This wasn’t the plan, but we couldn’t find what we were looking for, so this will do for now.

We took some of the shelving that we had and put them up. We got two FixtureDisplays® Aluminum Showcases and repainted them white and added black felt on the inside. We added tables, stands, the Hemnes Bookcase that’s stained white with light brown shelving and top, 4-tiered display tower, other display pieces, and a wonderful friend gifted us with a piece of live edge cedar that we decided to make into a table. We found six Painted Galvanized Steel Hairpin Table Legs that we loved and went to work. The pictures below are how the “Bazaar” was going to look.

Like we said in the beginning, this room has gone through many changes. And while we are not completely finished with this space, these two pictures below will show you how it will “sort of” look when we are finished. We don’t have a picture of the floor tile around the fireplace yet and that is simply because we are more focused on the work than pictures at the moment.

We are working hard to open as soon as possible. We are also going to try to catch up on the blog posts as we are far behind on them. We hope you enjoy reading about our journey and that you will visit us when we open.

We thank you for taking the time to follow our journey. If you would like to help you can contact us in the ways listed below. Thank you, Collierville, our friends, our family, and our employees for your time, support, and your love! All of our information is below if you would like to follow, volunteer, or donate to the preservation of the J.W. Houston House (“the Manor”).

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