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April 23, 2024

Dearest gentle reader,

This author finds herself compelled to impart the tidings of the most thrilling arrival of the year! Prepare the carriages…

After much fervent anticipation, it is with great joy that I confirm the King’s robust health and his imminent attendance alongside the Queen at the Bridgerton garden party, hosted at Midnight Star Spa/Café Eclipse House.

The Queen, in her graciousness, has expressed her delight at the prospect of a grand assembly, hinting at the possibility of discovering the Diamond of the First Water amidst the revelry.

It would be most unwise to fall from Her Majesty’s favor. Finding oneself in a lack of favor may prove a dire misstep indeed.

The illustrious and resplendent denizens of The Ville shall grace the grounds of Midnight Star Spa/Café Eclipse House for their premier event on 18 May, adding their radiance to the opening event of the season.

This author is also gratified to relay the news of a fresh addition to the merriments: Everyday Rentals. Lady Maria Rodriguez (901) 495-9064 ( shall provide a portion of the tables and chairs for this splendid occasion.

It may cause some dismay; however, to discover that the Bridgerton garden party slated for 18 May stand fully subscribed; yet do not despair…

Rejoice, kind readers, for our benevolent hostesses have decreed that 10 fortunate souls may procure tickets “at the door” for the sum of $55 each.

Should this arrangement prove unsuitable, and owing to popular demand, a second occasion is being arranged – an extended Bridgerton garden party on 22 June, commencing at 2 in the afternoon and concluding at 5 in the evening.

As for 22 June, this author is left to inquire…

Shall there be an influx of novel attendees, or might some familiar faces reappear?

And, of prime import, might a scandal or two be unveiled at either of both of these occasion?

Yours truly,

Lady Whistledown

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