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This is a picture story of the J.W. Houston House. These are all of the pictures that we have been able to find so far. We hope you enjoy this part of our journey.

(Above pictures taken from the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form stamped Received February 14, 1991)

(Picture taken from This picture was taken on January 20, 2011 by Melinda Cox Hall. This is when the property was still the Hodum Law Office.)

These are pictures of the tenant house (shotgun-style house) that is still on the property today.

This is a picture of a house on the property that is no longer there.

This house is no longer on the property as well.

The pictures below are of the J.W. House, the tenant house out back and the property as it is today.

(Pictures taken by Briana Kesler, Midnight Star Collierville)

Pictures of the inside will come in a later post. Thank you for following our journey.

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