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Dearest readers,

The time has come to regale you with further particulars concerning the forthcoming Bridgerton-inspired garden party, graced by the patronages of Midnight Star Spa/Café Eclipse House. These esteemed Lords and Ladies are currently commissioning their attire for the commencement of the social season from the renowned House of The Internet. If you are so inclined, gentle reader, to attire yourself in your most exquisite Regency garb, clutching your fans, gloves, top hats, canes, and parasols, and partake in a leisurely promenade upon the grounds of Midnight Star Spa/Café Eclipse House on Saturday, the 18th of May, betwixt the hours of 2 in the afternoon until 5 in the evening.

It is my pleasure to announce the creation of a most splendid menu comprising finger delicacies, teas, and assorted libations, masterfully crafted by Chef Kris of Café Eclipse House. The orchestration of lawn diversions and picturesque locales is under the discerning direction of Lady Kesler, ably assisted by Lord and Lady Murphey. Additionally, the younger Lord Murphey and Lady Fleskes shall present collections of enduring adornments for the fortunate attendees to acquire during this truly delightful occasion.

Also allow me to convey that our esteemed hostesses have entered into a harmonious accord with Kacie Copper Floral Design, www. This enterprise, rooted in Memphis, TN, shall grace us with their artistry in floral compositions. And mayhap other design facets for the impending Bridgerton-inspired garden celebration.

Lady Laura shall grace the gathering with her presence, possessing a wonderous renown within the realm of beauty. All that is left for this author to wonder is: will the Queen be in attendance? Is the King of proper health to join in the celebration? And if so, might the Queen discover an Incomparable amongst the attendees this season?

Let it be known, kind reader, that a restricted quantity of pre-reserved tickets has been availed for this gathering. However, one may procure a ticket at the event, but be forewarned, the price shall be elevated upon such a tardy acquisition.

Yours truly,

Lady Whistledown

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