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April 30, 2024

Dearest reader,

Pray, be informed that this author has unearthed further tidings regarding the forthcoming Bridgerton garden party set for 18 May.

With utmost delight, I hereby announce that the esteemed hostesses have but 5 “at the door” tickets remaining for the upcoming affair. The tariff for each ticket stands at the sum of $55 each.

Should you find yourself unable to grace the event on 18 May, rest assured, gentle reader, a second opportunity is to be had on 22 June.

As per this publication, this author has learned that a mere 19 tickets remain for the continued garden party of 22 June.

A new event page has been wrought for the forthcoming 22 June gathering….

If any gentleman or lady be inclined to sponsor this occasion, pray, make contact with Lady Briana Kesler at 901-489-9220.

It required much diligent inquiry; yet, I have unearthed details concerning the entertainment and vendors slated to grace the occasion.

Our esteemed hosts and hostesses have secured the talents of Lady Journey Hogan, a virtuoso violinist, for our musical amusement.

And the services of a “fate lady”, Lady Roberts, has been enlisted. She shall interpret cards for those who seek such divination.

Lady Nikita Turner, hailing from the esteemed House of Mary Kay, shall grace the event with her presence, offering her esteemed goods for sale.

And lastly, although complimentary digital photograph downloads shall be bestowed upon all that attend, an additional photographer shall be in attendance to capture the likeness and produce instant prints, for which there shall be an extra charge.

Fear not, this is not the last you shall hear from this author. I shall continue my diligent efforts to unearth any further tidings regarding the forthcoming gathering on 18 May.

Yours truly,

Lady Whistledown

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