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Welcome to part 12 of our journey, we are sorry for the delay in posting. We have been really busy with the house, staffing, and finding vendors. Today is Saturday, November 11, 2023, and we are hoping to have a soft opening for Midnight Star next Saturday, November 18, 2023. We hope everything goes right and Café Eclipse will join our soft opening, but that is a wait and see thing as of right now. We are going to try to get caught up on the blog before we open; however, if we can’t, please forgive us.

Now with that being said, let’s talk about the hallway. The walls were a pale yellow with white trim, doors, ceiling, and molding and there was only a subfloor. There was a lot of work to do on this area.

A lot of things got pushed into the hallway as we worked on other rooms of the house. To be completely honest, this was one of the last rooms that we finished. Oh, we almost forgot, there are 2 windows in the main part of the hall and 2 in the little nook.

We replace the old door knob and dead bolt and the exit sign. The ceiling and the recess lighting covers have been painted with a flat white ceiling paint. The doors and trim have painted with Valspar 4000 Semi-Gloss Finish in White. The walls have been painted with Valspar 400 Eggshell Finish Paint in Clay Angel. We painted the interior door handles have been paint with Rust-Oleum Universal Satin Black Spray Paint & Primer in One. The floor we went with is Duralux Performance Waterproof Luxury Vinyl in Auburn Acacia. That was the closest color to the original color that we could get our hands on at the time. Oh, we also frosted the windows.

Once finished with all the repairs, painting, and flooring, we put the Wishing Wisteria in its home. What you don’t know about the Wishing Wisteria? It is our non-profit and you can read all about it and fill form out on our website. We do our very best to grant wishes and we think outside the box for these wishes if we have to do so. What does that mean, you might ask. Well, let’s say your child wishes for a dog; however, you don’t want to have a dog. This is what we start thinking outside of the box. Let us know that you don’t want a real dog and we will grant the wish with a plushie. It’s that simple!

We put a live-edge table with in the hallway to be used as an information center. We have added a huge, beautiful picture on the wall over the table. Unfortunately, at this time we don’t have a picture of that.

This is where we will leave this part of the journey. We thank you for taking the time to follow our journey. Thank you, Collierville, our friends, our family, and our employees for your time, support, and your love! Please like and follow us on our social media for other updates.

TikTok: @midnightstarcafeeclipse

Instagram: midnightstarcollierville

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