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May 7, 2024

Dearest gentle reader,

The Ville is all aflutter with whispers of the forthcoming Bridgerton garden party on 18 May; yet, they are not alone in their revelry. It has been brought to this author’s notice that the purveyors of counterfeit tickets are operating with great vigor. A most reprehensible transgression of propriety and virtue. I have received intelligence from our esteemed hosts that the tickets are NON-TRANSFERRABLE. I beseech you, therefore, to refrain from purchasing tickets from any other party.

This event has reached its full capacity and is entirely sold out! Not a solitary door ticket remains available. Fear not, dear reader, for our illustrious hosts have orchestrated a second Bridgerton garden party, set to unfold on June 22. Tickets for this gathering are similarly scarce and swiftly vanishing. A mere 15 tickets remain, each priced at $35. After these remaining 15 are claimed, there shall be a scant reserve of 10 ‘at-the-door” tickets made available, albeit at an augmented tariff of $55 each. Furthermore, it must be noted that these tickets, too are NON-TRANSFERRABLE. For those desiring to secure admission to the subsequent event, kindly visit Additionally, an event page has been compiled for the ensuing Bridgerton affair. Please navigate to to partake in further information.

Whispers abound that the esteemed 901Goats from Walkapony Goat Ranch may grace us with their presence at this gathering, bestowing upon us the delightful solace of goat cuddle therapy with their baby goats. This author pledges to unveil further details as they are unveiled. Meanwhile, venture forth to and acquaint yourself with these extraordinary individuals and their endearing baby goats.

Yours truly,

Lady Whistledown

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